Previously shown

  • Ulver

  • Lindstrøm

  • Gunhild Mathea Olaussen

  • When

  • Moon Relay

  • Joseph Beuys

  • Pyramiden

  • Marcela Lucatelli

  • Yoko Ono

  • TVTV # 1

  • TVTV # 2

  • TVTV # 3

  • Stockhausen

  • Famlende Forsøk

  • Spunk

  • Masselys + Christopher Nielsen + Matt Willis-Jones

  • Ensemble neoN & Oren Ambarchi



We know the importance of art – especially in difficult times. Shutting down will never be an alternative. Because of the corona crisis, new digital ways of presenting art are more relevant than ever. As a museum we keep our promise to the public: to keep on presenting art.

We have asked artists, partners and audiences how the museum can present a curated artistic program with high quality. Important messages are: Take care of the artist. Never conflate commercial values with the work itself. Value the entire ecosystem of the art world. Pay for work. Encourage the audience to focus on the work and the experience itself.

With this in mind, we decided to build a new non-commercial digital platform. At Henie Onstad Art Channel we will stream hidden gems from the archive every Thursday at 8pm CET, available for our audience one week at a time. Most audiovisual works presented have originally been commissioned by the Art Center and we will keep on working to create more and new work. In addition you find online guided tours from the temporarily closed exhibitions at the museum.

With this site we will contribute with our love, passion and belief in art and we hope you will enjoy it, just as much as we do.

Please note, all the work has been done in exactly two weeks from conception to launch. Trouble shooting and bug fixing will therefore be done on the fly.

Henie Onstad Art Channel is supported by Fritt Ord Foundation.
All works © the artists/Bono, 2020

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