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Recorded 15.04.2018
at Henie Onstad


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From its roots in the early 90s Norwegian Black Metal scene, the Oslo-based band Ulver has developed in various directions and has now delivered internationally recognized quality music for more than 25 years. Its sound is unpredictable, dark and fascinating, and spans from drones, electronic experimentations and film scores to prog and psychedelic rock and monumental art pop with literary ambitions – as heard on their much lauded last album, The Assassination of Julius Caesar. Ulver’s music harmonizes with Henie Onstad’s openness to genre and interdisciplinary fundamental idea, something that this commissioned piece that we now will serve an excerpt from proves. For the lauch of Henie Onstad Art Channel, new exerpts from Norwegian band Ulver’s commissioned work, recorded at Høvikodden, Norway April 14 and 15, 2018, will be made available digitally for the first time. The band is about to mix a new recording of these concerts and this exerpt is a raw mix and a work in progress. Please visit the official Ulver homepage if you additionally like to support the band directly.

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02.04 — 09.04

Recorded 25.08.2018
at Henie Onstad


The Oslo-based producer, DJ and artist Hans-Peter Lindstrøm is one of Norway’s most recognized artists, and has left deep marks on the Norwegian and international music scene. The guy who is consider the king of space disco, and whom has been one of the leading figures in the Norwegian electronic music scene the last 20 years, created the commissioned work Blinded by the LEDs for Henie Onstad’s 50th jubilee. The work was performed in three sold-out concerts in August 2018. The Henie Onstad Art Channel now gives you the opportunity to experience the concert in full online.

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09.04 — 16.04

Recorded 14.09.2019
at Henie Onstad

Gunhild Mathea Olaussen

The installation Resonance was performed as a new work by Norwegian artist and scenographer Gunhild Mathea Olaussen at Henie Onstad during the Ultima festival in 2019. Several performers made a show as a form of dialogue inside and as part of the installation. Visitors were free to come and go as they wished. This recording presents parts of the performance and how the audience interacted with the work.

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16.04 — 23.04

Recorded 26.01.2020
at Henie Onstad


When finds its special place within the Norwegian underground, easily moving between the Dadaist avant-garde collage, the neo-psychedelia, the understated pop melodies and a kaleidoscopic sample-based mix of global rhythms and textures. Here is a clear kinship to the collage aesthetic of British Nurse With Wound, and the band was invited to play at Henie Onstad in conjunction to the presentation of the Great Monster Dada Show exhibition. We reccomend you watch our presentation of the exhibition before or after you experience this concert.

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23.04 — 30.04

Recorded 09.02.2020
at Henie Onstad

Moon Relay

Moon Relay has performed since 2012, and its three releases so far have been composed in a rhythmic and repetitive soundscape, like a deconstructed rock band. With the work _ ... -``- ... _, the band explores the collage material, somewhere between electro-acoustic music, 60s-70s fluxus art, and experimental guitar-driven rock. _ ... -``- ... _ may sound random, composed of carpentry recordings, garbage disposal, wind and weather or radios, mixed with electronics such as synthesizers, oscillators and electric guitar. The material blends with songs that are driven forward by hypnotic rhythms where guitars, bass, drums and drum machines create a sense of disco in the realm of death.

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Picasso 347

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The remarkable series of etchings and engravings named the Picasso Suite 347 are among the last hand-signed works Pablo Picasso (1881–1973) ever created. At 86 years old, the artist produced 347 works in just seven months and managed to stir quite some controversy for its explicit erotic content—20 of the prints, in particular, sparked a debate about whether they should ever be shown publicly. In addition to Suite 347, the exhibition also presents Picasso's work in collaboration with Carl Nesjar (1920–2015) for the Government Quarter in Oslo, Norway.

The Great Monster Dada Show

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Dada is an avantgarde art movement in the early 20th century, a rebel and a liberating way of thinking. This major exhibition recently presented the historical works of the Dada movement with a contemporary side program pinpointing how the avant-garde ideas are of great relevance today. Several of the concerts and performances that will be presented here, on the Henie Onstad Art Channel, were performed as a side program to the exhibition, and we recommend to experience them together. Stay tuned!

Arnold Haukeland 100 years

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28 March 2020 we celebrate the 100 years jubilee of the Norwegian artist Arnold Haukeland (1920–1983). Originally a grand guided tour was planned from Sandvika to Høvikodden, celebrating all the Haukeland sculptures in the area. But because of the corona situation the event unfortunately had to be cancelled. Instead, the Director of the Henie Onstad, Tone Hansen, gives us a digital introduction. To all our viewers in the Oslo area, please note, the sculpture park at Høvikodden is open and accessible to you all – as long as you follow the advice from the Institute of Public Health. Please take care and enjoy!

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New Visions

The inaugural Triennial for Photography and New Media at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter foregrounds practices that acknowledge the fluctuating and networked condition of contemporary photography and society more generally, while also articulating a keen sensitivity towards the history of photography and art. Abstraction, digital and manual collage, new configurations of still life and the human body are key tendencies. The works in the exhibition are produced within the last three years and several are exhibited for the first time.


We know the importance of art – especially in difficult times. Shutting down will never be an alternative. When museums all over the world have closed their physical doors because of the corona crisis, new digital ways of presenting art are more relevant than ever. As a museum we keep our promise to the public: to keep on presenting art.

We have asked artists, partners and audiences how the museum can present a curated artistic program with high quality. Important messages are: Take care of the artist. Never conflate commercial values with the work itself. Value the entire ecosystem of the art world. Pay for work. Encourage the audience to focus on the work and the experience itself.

With this in mind, we decided to build a new non-commercial digital platform. At Henie Onstad Art Channel we will stream hidden gems from the archive every Thursday at 8pm CET, available for our audience one week at a time. Most audiovisual works presented have originally been commissioned by the Art Center and we will keep on working to create more and new work. In addition you find online guided tours from the temporarily closed exhibitions at the museum.

With this site we will contribute with our love, passion and belief in art and we hope you will enjoy it, just as much as we do.

Please note, all the work has been done in exactly two weeks from conception to launch. Trouble shooting and bug fixing will therefore be done on the fly.

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